Graham de Barra, CEO of Festy shares experiences learned from applying design thinking to building a blockchain product at Provenance Summit in Korea. This methodology is widely used among tech startups and there are many models worth exploring, including; Malcolm Gladwell, Roger Martin, Pierre Sachse, Barry O’Reilly

Graham de Barra sits down with Dimitrios Psarrakis of the EU Parliament to discuss the upcoming vote on a resolution to assist startups in blockchain for obtaining investment.

With the digitalisation of payments from a cash economy, the way in which we interact with money has fundamentally shifted. Consumers have become digital gold for the transaction data they accumulate on a day to day basis. How this data is governed and controlled is paramount to the development of digital payments.

Festy CEO Graham de Barra presents at the Blockchain Summit Dublin on “Living in Your Own Blockchain City”

Opera Group talks from the EU Parliament in Brussels at the Blockchain workshop organised by the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA). The video features Francois Sonnet of Solar Coin, Ploum a futurist and proponent of liquid democracy using blockchain.

As part of a consultation with the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality, Graham de Barra makes recommendations on drug policy to the Irish Government

Graham de Barra speaks at Support Don’t Punish in Dublin, Ireland on the 26th June 2015

Graham de Barra interviews Dr. Joao Goulao as part of a nationwide college tour with a Portuguese and Canadian delegation.

Graham de Barra interviews Howard Marks “Mr. Nice” in Cork, Ireland in 2012

Graham de Barra interviews Jodie and Marc Emery on drug policy in Canada

Documentary on drug policy in Ireland, as part of the video “World’s Youth on Drug Policy” was screened at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in 2011. Directed and produced by Graham de Barra and Richard Sheehy

Graham de Barra interviews Damon Barrett, human rights law expert on U.N. drug treaties

Interviews with experts in cannabinoid research, including Dr. Manuel Guzman. Directed by Graham de Barra.

Graham de Barra speaks at Students for Sensible Drug Policy conference in Colorado, USA in April 2012

Experimental psychology Youtube channel that Graham setup at age 18 which has over 1.5 million views, published in 2008