Bitcoin Blotter

A Tribute to Internet Meme Culture

This 100 tab LSD blotter artwork is inspired by the cryptocurrency meme culture. Featuring Pepe, party parrot, bitcoin rollercoaster, dogecoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and most notably Money Printer go BRRR with a giant Bitcoin taking central position.


The background star pattern follows the structure of an icosahedral quasicrystal, one of the most complex crystal structures referred to as “icosahedral symmetry”. These patterns reflect the Golden Ration. This formation is pleasing to the eye as it connects the characters together.

This connection between the printing of money by Governments represents a direct causal relationship with the increasing market cap of Bitcoin. As more money is created through inflation, value eventually goes into the most deflationary asset. In economics, Gresham’s Law states that bad money lessens the circulation of good money as one gets hoarded long-term for it’s perceived value.